Welcome to Te Mapua. Each one of our 150 volunteers, Te Mapua staff and community workers pour our hearts and souls into each and every life we support. Our staff are all trained in giving the care necessary for whatever needs a child may have. We work hard to ensure our skill sets are varied and extensive so that as a team we have all bases covered. Learn about our key team members below…

Dan & Amy Marsden

(Mr Dan & Amy Boss)

Founders and Directors of the Te Mapua Child
and Youth Trust. They are parents to five young ones, registered caregivers and oversee all the Te Mapua programmes, staff and children. Their passion is to see all precious children of Aotearoa valued and loved

Jo Willoughby

(Mrs Jo)

Involved in all our Respite and Community Care programmes, Jo has worked with our Te Mapua Children for many years adding her
teaching strength to all aspects of care.