We coordinate a fleet of Te Mapua vans to pick up children from the eastern Christchurch suburbs, and ensure safe arrival and attendance at local primary schools. This initiative has provided vital support for families and children and has proved to be a valuable link between home and school communities. Families can be referred through participating schools.

Behaviour Intervention

Our Key Children's Workers are available to provide specialised behavioural support within the school teacher aid structure for children who have not yet met with behavioural or social success within standard MOE supports. This allows for individualised programmes, catered to the unique needs of those children struggling within the mainstream system. A thoughtful, team approach is taken to every case, ensuring coordination within school, home and other agencies involved.


Ignite is a programme available to any primary school, or agency involved in referring children to a Te Mapua Children's Camp. The curriculum is designed to integrate the values, behavioural standards and successful qualities inherent in our camp week into the everyday environment familiar to the children. Our team works closely with school staff, parents and other key contacts to adapt the sessions to meet the identified needs of each child attending.


Where a need has been identified, Te Mapua has launched breakfast clubs for children to attend before 9am in school halls. This has greatly enhanced the learning potential of our children and provides a warm, family atmosphere that helps children thrive at the start of their day.