Whanau Day

Whanau Day is held every Sunday of the school term. Children around our community are picked up and welcomed into local churches, where they share breakfast together and join in a Sunday School morning of fun, games and activities. This often provides families with a much needed respite, while children are enjoying a morning with Te Mapua caregivers. Whanau Day is available for all ages. We hope to create a warm, family environment that children can enjoy and flourish in.

Picnic in the park

Picnic in the park an event for all the family. A time to enjoy each others company and get to know the team of Te Mapua Leaders. Games, sports, food and competitions encourage everyone to keep active and get involved in the fun. It is a celebration of precious children in our community and a time to connect with all the members of the family.


This fantastic group runs every week of the school term. The programme operates in 'iwi groups and includes activities to encourage strength in all areas; physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and community health. Some of the favourite components of our Warriors programme are our camps, RAK off events, family nights and reward outings. The atmosphere of support and nurture, along with a stimulating programme ensures all the children in our Warriors group enjoy time with mentors and peers. Warriors is open to everyone and referrals are also accepted for boys and girls aged 5-15yrs.


Inspire parents group meets at the same time as our Warriors group. This group gives parents a chance to relax and enjoy the company of fellow parents, while gaining strength from a community committed to raising children well. Inspire aims to support and journey with parents throughout the parenting process, and our team share both triumphs and difficulties together, while gaining new ideas and confidence in the inspirational stories of others.